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Product catalog

The JSC EPF "Sibnefteavtomatika", possessing more than 25 years of experience, highly qualified staff and research facilities, embodies original technical solutions and advanced technologies in the field of fiscal measurement of energy products. Our main goal is to remain a novation leader and a reliable supplier in the market of measuring equipment.

Our main specialization is development and production of devices and systems for monitoring and measuring of rate parameters of gas-liquid flows in the work processes of enterprises of oil and gas production and processing, power generation systems, enterprises of water-, heat-, and gas-supply and their customers.

Instrumental products

The EPF "Sibnefteavtomatika" is best known for its developments in the field of flowmeter survey. First and foremost, these are devices for measuring the flow rate and quantity of water, oil, gas, gas condensate with the measurement of individual phases of vapour and heat energy in various industrial sectors. All the flow-meters and counters produced by the company are highly competitive, which has been achieved through years of improvement and modernization of our products.

Each year, the company proposes new developments in the instrument-making market, confirming its innovation activity.

For example, in 2006-2008 standard-size series of modifications of the probe flow sensors for liquid and gas DRS.Z and DRS.ZL, DRG.MZ and DRG.MZL were developed and mastered in the production. Modifications DRS.ZL and DRG.MZL are equipped  with a special lubrication device which allows maintenance of the devices without interruption of the pipeline operation.

For metrological support of these sensors a special calibration procedure has been developed. The unique design solution allowed realizing metrological support of production and operation on the existing reference database, i.e. without recourse to additional capital costs.

The upgraded flow calculation units BVR.M, universal controllers MIKONT-186 were manufactured and tested and their production started. These devices are intended for application in the systems of commercial and real-time metering of energy resources and energy carriers in the systems of management and regulation,  protection, blocking, monitoring and measurements of work process parameters of equipment in all industries.

In 2008, commercial production of modification of the vortex flow sensor DRG.M-160/80 for small flow-rates from 1 to 80 m3/h started. This resolved  the technical problems of gas measuring and metering at gas supply facilities with low consumption.

R & D were fulfilled, field tests were conducted of a modified version of the gas meter SVG.M for use on gas condensate wells in the measurement of two-phase media.

All the devices produced by the firm  have certificates of the State Standard for the means of measurement. Other products have certificates of conformity issued by various certification authorities, according to the production profile.

Oil and gas production equipment

For a long time, our company has been actively working in the market of design and supply of a wide range of modular-prefabricated process equipment for oil production and transportation and gas supply systems. The stationary and mobile automated metering systems for monitoring of oil well flow rates on the basis of the hydrostatic method of measuring earned high estimate of the customers.

In 2007-2008  new versions of mobile measuring units were developed on the chassis-trailer and chassis of the MAZ, KAMAZ vehicles.

The units have advanced functionality through the use of alternative (redundant) methods of measurement. The units were successfully tested in pilot production at the sites of the Republican unitary enterprise Production Association "Belorusneft", the JSC "Tyumenneftegas" ("TNK-BP"), the  LLC "Geoservice".

Among the equipment supplied there are blocks of quality control and fiscal metering units, gas control points. 

Geophysical Equipment

The EPF "SIBNA" is successfully working on the development and manufacture of downhole directional survey systems with wireless electromagnetic communications channel for drilling of complex-geometry oil wells. The telemetry systems of competing manufacturers use hydraulic communication channel and cannot be applied in liquid media. The subsurface navigation systems produced by "Sibnefteavtomatika" use an electromagnetic communications channel to transmit information through the rock. This unique equipment is widely claimed by the oil companies "Surgutneftegaz", LUKOIL and geophysical service companies.

All the devices produced by the firm have certificates of the State Standard for means of measurement. Other products have certificates of conformity issued by various certification authorities, according to the production profile.