• gas, vapour, water meters 
  • water flow meter 
  • thermal energy counter  
  • flow sensors
  • flow controllers and flow measuring systems
  • mobile meter stations (UZM, UZM.T)
  • stationary meter stations (Sputnik.M)
  • fiscal metering units (UUN) 
  • oil quality monitor units (BKK)
  • gas-distributing plants (GRP)
  • telemetry complexes
  • calibration benches 

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The Engineering-Production Company Sibnefteavtomatika is a Russian industrial brand. Competitiveness of the goods is confirmed by the leading share of the company in the market of vortex flowmeters. Currently, strong reputation of the firm has developed in the industrial and business circles as an innovation leader, a provider of high quality products and a fair partner.

Our main principle is building relationships on a long term basis. In each specific case, we select the most manufacturable and profitable version of the task solution for the customer.

Our enterprise is a multidiscipline design bureau with a production function, based on broad cooperation which enables setting the best competitive price.

The company has installed and operates the quality management system meeting the requirements of the international standard EN ISO 9001:2008.

Since 2008 it has been  a part of the  JSC HMS Group

Certificate of the quality
management system

  Winner of the Prize of the Russian Federation 
Government in the sphere of quality
Winner of the Prize of the CIS
for achievements  in the sphere of quality